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Shiru L'Adonai by Micha'el Eliyahu BenDavid

Shiru L’Adonai by Micha’el Eliyahu BenDavid Am Dm Am G Sing to the Lord a brand new song Am Dm G Am Sing to the Lord all the earth Am Dm Am G Sing to the Lord bless His name Am Dm G Am Proclaim day to day His salvation Am Dm Am G Hallelu, hallelu hallelu hallelu Am Dm G Am Hallelu, hallelu halleluyah Am Dm Am G Shiru l’adonai, shir chadash Am Dm G Am Shiru l’adonai kol ha’aretz Am Dm Am G Shiru l’adonai barchu sh’mo Am Dm G Am Bas’ru mi yom le yom yeshuato