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Let Us Adore, Sing Halleluyah medley by Israel's Hope

Let Us Adore / Sing Halleluyah medley Capo: 3 Am Let Us Adore is authored by Julius Chajes, and is based on the traditional Aleinu prayer. Am G Am Let us adore the everliving God Dm Am And render praise unto Him Fmaj7 Who spread out the heavens Am And established the earth Dm Am And whose glory is revealed in the heavens above Dm Fmaj7 Dm Am And whose greatness is manifest throughout all the earth Fmaj7 G Am He is our God....... There is none else Am G Am Am G Am Sing halleluyah to the Lord (echo) C E7 Sing halleluyah to the Lord (echo) Am G F C Sing halleluyah, sing halleluyah Am G Am Sing halleluyah to the Lord