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What Manner of Man is This by Helen Shapiro

What Manner of Man Is This? Performed by Helen Shapiro Listen to the song G What manner of man is this? C G Lord, who died upon the tree? G What manner of man is this? D Who set the captives free G Well He walked, he walked upon the water C G Oh, and He calmed the raging sea (glory) G What manner of man is this? D G Lord, who gave His life for me G Well some called Him Emmanuel C G Some of the prophets called Him a stone G Well the angel called him Jesus D Just before He was born G With the government on His shoulder C G And the world right in His hand G He was seen comin' from Bosra D G Treading the wine press all alone G Well Ezekiel saw Him comin' C G As the wheel in the middle of a wheel G Brother John, he talked about Him D In the book of the seven seals G Oh, Paul gave a description: C G He was brighter than the sun G Oh if you don't know King Jesus D G Well, your work on earth is done G Well He's called the Lord's Anointed C G As Messiah He is known G He's the Lion of the tribe of Judah D And the Lamb upon the throne (amen!) G Well He suffered as a servant C G That's the reason that He came He's comin' as the King of Glory D G And Yeshua is His name (thank you Lord!)