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Forever Good by Paul Wilbur

FOREVER GOOD PAUL WILBUR CAPO 3 VERSE 1 G AM7 D G AM7 D EM Through deserts wide, and oceans deep, when troubles pressed us to our knees . G C D EM Dsus D You remain, through everything, the song we sing… CHORUS G C D EM G C Dsus You are good, you are good, your love is great, your love endures. G C D EM G C D G AM EM D G AM EM D Through everything, our hearts are sure, you are good, forever good! (ENDING) G AM EM D G AM EM D G C+9 VERSE 2 G AM D G AM D EM Through every dark, uncertain day, though fears arise, we’re not afraid. C D EM G D You never change, through all eternity, its who you are, its why we sing! BRIDGE C EM D C EM D G From generation, to generation, you’ve been our hope Lord, and our salvation. C EM D AM D We sing with heaven, and all creation, we’re not alone here, we’re not forsaken.