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Sanctuary by Marty Goetz

Sanctuary Marty Goetz Intro Verse 1 D Bm G D Bm F#m G Lately, I wonder as time hurries on. What have I done with the days Asus A Bm F#m G F#m Bm Come and gone? And I remember how once I was drawn into your G A D Sanctua---------ry Chorus Bm F#m G A Nothing have I on Earth but you Bm F#m G A No one but you in hea---ven Bm F#m G A Bm So why do I continue to do G A Bm F#m A Every thing else, but come to you Verse 2 D Bm G D Bm F#m G Asus A When did I wander, so far away? How did I get here? Why did I stray? Bm F#m G F#m Bm G A D And can I ever find my way back to your sanctua-----------ry Verse 3 D Bm G D Bm F#m G A All of my folly I finally see I’ve no where to hide, I’ve no place to flee Bm F#m G F#m Bm G A D If I ran to you, would you run to me, out from your sanctua------ry Verse 4 D Bm G D Bm F#m G I will remember what you did for me climbing that hill to die on that Asus A Bm F#m G F#m Bm tree There I will go and bend my knee There I’ll find G A D Sanctua----ry