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Castles in the Clouds by Shawna Rae

Verse 1 C Em F G C I had a dream that you loved me, it wasn't hard to believe C Em F Am G You reached out and touched me, and I did not turn away Pre-Chorus Dm Am F G Oh, the things that we think of, when we are not awake Chorus C Em Am B b Oh why do the castles in the clouds seem so far away? Dm Am G Why does daylight try to pull us back to earth? F Bb G C And gravity defines us, and says that's all we are, reality, it seems C Em F G C Verse 2 C Em F G C Have you ever caught a rainbow? Have you ever even tried? C Em F Am G Oh, I have one I've chased for miles and miles, and some say that it's a lie (Pre-Chorus) (Chorus-hold G) Bridge C Em F G C Real--i---ty, why do you play this game with me? Em F Bb I still believe in honesty (Chorus) C Em F Am Em F