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El Shaddai by Mason Clover

El Shaddai by Mason Clover feat. Erica Lauren Verse 1: Am F Let us go up into C G The enemies camp Am F Let us see if Yah will move C G On our behalf Am F Let us choose to rely C G On the strength of our God Dm G Am On the strength of El Shaddai Chorus: Am F El Shaddai, El Shaddai C G God is our strength Am F C And in Him the victory is won, G Hallelujah Am F It is finished it is done C G Yeshua is the Lord Dm G Am And in Him we've overcome Verse 2: Am F There's a trembling in the camp C G A fear in the enemy’s heart Am F As the army of Yahweh raises C G Its sword Am F And the host of hell C G Will turn and flee before Dm G Am The name of Yeshua our Lord Verse 3: Am F Whether by many or by few C G The Lord shall arise Am F Within those who are yielded C G To His call Am F They will multiply in strength C G As they magnify His name Dm G Am That He may be all in all