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He Reigns by Newsboys

He Reigns By Newsboys Intro: F C G G [Verse 1] F It's the song of the redeemed C G Rising from the African plain F It's the song of the forgiven C G Drowning out the Amazon rain F The song of Asian believers C G Filled with God's holy fire F It's every tribe, every tongue, every nation C G A love song born of a grateful choir [Chorus] G It's all God's children singing F C Glory, glory, hallelujah G He reigns, He reigns ( 3x) [Verse 2] F Let it rise above the four winds C G Caught up in the heavenly sound F Let praises echo from the towers of cathedrals C G To the faithful gathered underground Of all the songs sung F From the dawn of creation C G Some were meant to persist Of all the bells rung F From a thousand steeples C G None rings truer than this [Bridge] F And all the powers of darkness C G Tremble at what they've just heard F 'Cause all the powers of darkness C G Can't drown out a single word