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Behind the Veil by The Lumbrosos

BEHIND THE VEIL Capo 2 Piano Intro and Ending Into: Bm Em F# Em F#m Bm Chorus: Bm Em Behind the veil A D It has been long foretold Bm Em F#m Bm There’s a fountain for the cleansing of our souls Bm Em Behind the veil, A D The secret place divine Bm Em F#m Bm Where the heart of man and Adonai entwine. Verse 1 Em Bm In the dark sanctuary Em Bm A man walks solitary A D He brings the token of repentant cries Em F# To the feet of Adonai El Shaddai Em Bm Lord we come with hearts aflame Em Bm We will not remain the same A D Restore us to Yourself, O Blessed One Em F# Through Your Right Hand, Your Only Begotten Son Verse 2 Em Bm As was written by the sages Em Bm And was promised through the ages A D Mashiach takes our sin and shame Em F# We’re healed in His Mighty Name.