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Give Me Wings by The Lumbrosos

Give Me Wings Ps 27:1,2 Ps 55: 11-14 Intro: Dm C Bb Chorus: Dm Adonai - my Light and my Salvation C Dm Of whom shall I be afraid? Dm Adonai – my Rock , my Redemption C Dm Why should I be dismayed? Verse: C Dm Pain and Anguish burn within me C Dm And nights of terror, O my soul, C Dm Fear and trembling have come upon me C Like a cankor, these horrors Bb Dm pursue and devour me whole Refrain: Bb Give me wings, that I may fly Dm Give me wind, that I may soar C6 Like a dove to fly away A7 And find rest Repeat Chorus Verse: C If it were an enemy, Dm This pain I could bear it C Or an adversary, Dm I surely could hide C But my friend, my companion, Dm One of my kind C Turned away though once in God’s House we had walked side Bb Dm by side. (side by side) Refrain/ High Vocals/Refrain Chorus Repeat last line Finish with Keyboard intro Christine Lumbroso © March 2012