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The Ancient Olive Tree by The Lumbrosos

The Ancient Olive Tree Am East of Jerusalem, there is an ancient Olive Tree Dm That bears the marks of tragic history E7 Twisted branches struggle, reaching for the sky F E7 Am Groaning for redemption that is nigh Am Tell me, Olive Tree, what is the secret that you hold, Dm I see within you branches new and old E7 Like a tender shoot springing up from within F E7 Am This branch of David bring us victory? CHORUS: F Dm Beaten in sorrows, Hidden in Shadows Am Watered by the tears of passers-by F Dm Pressed in agony; Crushed by calumny F Bleeds the oil of the anointing E7 For the Coronation of the King of Kings… Am As the birthing of the grandchild delights the silver hair Dm New growth is strengthened by ancestral care E7 To give meaning to the twisting of life’s sharp and cruel hand F E7 Am To establish all together in The Land.