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Zealous Over Zion by Ted Pearce

Zealous Over Zion Zechariah 8:8 - Ted Pearce Chorus: Am Dm Am G Em I am zealous over Zion I am zealous over Zi----on Am Dm Em Am I am zealous over Zion I will dwell in Jerusalem Verse 1: Am Bbm/A Am She shall be called The City of Truth The Mountain of the L-rd of Hosts Am E7 Har Kadosh for thus says the L- rd, "I will save my people" to chorus Verse 2: Am Old women and men shall sit in the streets, each one with, staff in their hand Am E7 Children will play in the streets of the city, joy will be heard once again Verse 3: Am I'll bring the remnant from the east and the west, to dwell in Jerusalem Am E7 They will be my people for I am their G-d In truth and in righteousness  © 2002 City of Peace Music BMI Admin by Integrity's Praise! Music BMI CCLI #4331337