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Shalom Jerusalem by Israel's Hope

SHALOM JERUSALEM by Paul Wilbur Psalm 122:6 Bm Em F# Bm Pray for peace Jerusalem, city of our God Em Bm G F# Bm There salvation was poured out for you, the atoning of the Lord Bm Em F# Bm once your streets were filled with joy, branches raised up high Em Bm F# Bm shouting, "Blessed be the Holy One, Yeshua T'Adonai" G D A Bm Shalom shalom Jerusalem p eace be to you G Bm G F# Bm when Messiah comes to take us home may His praise be found in you Bm Em F# Bm Em Bm Israel beloved, Ephraim my son, how my heart would thrill to hear you say, G F# Bm "Our Messiah has come!" Bm Em F# Bm Oh my brothers hear these words, may they pierce your soul Em Bm G F# Bm turn again to worship Adonai, Mashiach you will know