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Be Still by Lynne McDowell

Be Still tempo: 120?? Lynne McDowell Intro: G / / n G / / n Chorus: G G Be still and know that I am God G G Be still and know that I’m Your Father C C G Be still and know I am the lover of your soul D F G (last time: G / / n G / / n G / / n G / / n) (Selah) Be still Verse 1: Bm Em C G I will never leave you, I’m always by your side Bm Em C D I will not forsake you, you are Mine, you are Mine (Chorus) Verse 2: Bm Em C G When storms are all around you, take refuge ‘neath My wings Bm Em C D Then stand and see the salvation, that I, Your God will bring (Chorus) Pre-Bridge Instrumental: G / / / F / / / G / / / F / / / Em / / / D / / / C / / / D / / / Bridge: Em C G D When the earth shakes and the storm breaks and there’s no place left to hide Em C G D The raging sea surrounds you, and the enemy fills your eyes Em C G D Em C And there’s no way out, and no way through, you’ve done all you can do, just stand D Just stand (Chorus)