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Holy Adonai by Phil Plotnek

Holy Adonai By Phil Plotnek C Em Dm We had no righteousness … that we could call our own F G We had no right to stand … before your holy throne C Em Dm But Yeshua paid the price … t o set us free from sin F G G7 Covered by His righteousness w e may now enter in Am F G C And we cry, “Holy, holy, holy Adonai!” Am F G G7 We bless your name, El Elyon, El Shaddai Am Em F E7 And by Yeshua’s sacrifice, Your perfect work of grace Am Am/G F D We enter in with confidence, and we behold Your face Dm G C Em And we cry, “Holy, holy Adonai!” …. Dm G C F And we cry, “Holy, holy Adonai!” …. C Em Dm We have no worthiness … or gifts that we may bring F G No work or offering … to set before our King C Em Dm So we present ourselves … a living sacrifice F G G7 An offering of gratitude f or Yeshua paid the price