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We See Yeshua by Bruce & Lynne Patterson

We See Yeshua By Bruce and Lynne Patterson C D C What is man that God is mindful of him? Am7 D Em He made him a little lower than Elohim D Em Though man’s crown had fallen C Am7 D Yeshua restores all things C Am7 D Our Lord of lords, King of kings G D C Am7 D We see Yeshua crowned with glory and honor G D Em Bm Captain of our salva…tion C D We see Yeshua C D We see Yeshua C D G Gsus G We see Yeshua C D C Elohim, our faithful Creator Am7 D Em He became our Great Savior D Em By the sufferings of death C Am7 D He tasted for humanity C Am7 D Bringing many sons to glory C D C We are mishpacha in the Father Am7 D Em Through Yeshua, our brother D Em In the midst of the saints C Am7 D We will sing the Father’s praise C Am7 D We worship Him, Ancient of Days