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Deliverance by Sue Samuels

Deliverance D / / / / / C G Chorus: G D Em C Am Em D Dsus D Deliverance, Deliverance In bondage we were slaves G D Em C Am D G Gsus G Deliverance, Deliverance By God’s right hand He saves Verse 1: D C G D C G The Lord is our strength and our song He has broken us free D C G D C G The horses and riders are gone They have drowned in the sea Am Em C With a breath from His lips The waters were raised G C D Dsus D Our Lord is a warrior His Name will be praised Verse 2: D C G D C G Our Passover Lamb has been slain He’s spared us our lives D C G D C G His blood on our doorpost He gave He was our sacrifice Am Em C And on the third day He was raised from the dead G C D Dsus D Where once He wore thorns now a crown on His head Bridge: D C G We once were rejected Now we’re received D C G We once were rebellious Now we’re redeemed D C Em We once were resistant Now we rejoice Am C/D/ G Listening for the sound of His voice Instrumental G D Em C Am D Chorus G Gsus (3x) end