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Babylon by Ted Pearce

Babylon       C   Am   Dm             C+2     Dm So come out of her, O my people       C+2    Dm                  C+2          Dm For the time is come to judge Babylon          A#maj7                                          Dm For her sins have reached unto the heavens       A#maj7                                              Dm All people and nations are drunk with her wine         A#maj7                              Dm For in one hour she will be thrown down        Gm                                             A7 This is the day of the vengence of our G-d      A#maj7                                  Dm Holy, Holy, Holy the L-rd G-d Allmighty     A#maj7                                      Dm Who was, and who is, and is yet to come     A#maj7                                          Dm Heaven and earth are filled with His glory       Gm                                       A7 And in that day His name shall be One