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Shalom by Ted Pearce

Shalom Am Em D B7 Em Shalom, shalom, we bless with blessings of Shalom Am Em B7 Em Shalom, shalom, sha, sha, sha, sha, sha, 1st repeat, 2 nd time: shalom Second Time: Am Em B7 Em B7 Em B7 Em Lai, lai, lai, lai, lai, Lai - Lai, lai, lai, lai, lai, lai – Lai, Lai, Lai, Lai, Lai Am D B7 Em C D B7 Come and celebrate, rejoice in Adonai, come into the fullness of joy Am D B7 Em As we drink the cup of gladness a nd leave behind all sadness C D B7 Dancing in the presence of Salvation Am D B7 Em This blessing unto you, a special kind of peace C D B7 Unlike the kind you might have heard about Am D B7 Em There might be even war, but in the presence of Yahweh C D B7 There is comfort in every situation