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Zealous Over Zion by Ted Pearce

Zealous Over Zion Gm Capo 3: Em Em Am Em D Bm I am zealous over Zion, I am zealous over Zion Em Am Bm Em I am zealous over Zion, I will dwell in Jerusalem, Em She shall be called The City of Truth, the Mountain of the L-rd of Hosts, B7 Har HaKodesh, for thus says the L ord, "I will save my people" Em Old women and men shall sit in the streets Each one with a staff in their hand B 7 Children will play in the streets of the city, joy will be heard once again Em I'll bring my people from the east and the west to dwell in Jerusalem B 7 They will be my people for I am their G-d In truth and in righteousness Em Am Em D Bm Em Am Kineti Le’tzion, Kineti Le’zion Kineti Le’tzion Bm Em Shachanti Betoch Yerushalayim