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In the Beauty of Holiness by Unknown Artist

In the Beauty of Holiness Capo: 3 Key of F D G D Bm In the beauty of holiness we see you Son of Righteousness G D G D So we bring all that we possess to lay at Your feet Bm A So I pause at Your gates once more a s my heart and my spirit soar Bm G D G D And I wish I could love You more, my God and my King D G D Bm In the Place where Your glory shines, Yeshua loves all mankind G D G D You have drawn us with love divine t o make us complete D G D Bm Is there tribute that I could bring, was there ever a song to sing G D G D That could ever express my King a nd the work You have done D G D Bm Could I ever conceive of this, all the depths and the heights and breadths G D G D Of the riches I now possess b ecause of Your love