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Mayim Chayim by Zemer Levav

Mayim Chayim By Shimrit Hanes ©2004 Am G Am The spirit and the bride say come Am F G Am And let Him that heareth say come Am G F-G-Am Him that is athirst let him come F G Am and drink of the water of life Dm Am F G Am Mayim Chaim, O drink freely Dm Am F G Am Mayim Chaim, Do you thirst (repeat) Am G Am Behold the New Jerusalem Am F G Am Descending from the hand of G-d Am G F G Am As we watch with wondering eyes F G Am A gift from our Yeshua Am G Am A crystal river is flowing Am F G Am From Messiah’s throne Am G F G Am The tree of life is growing there F G Am It’s leaves will heal the nations