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Sons of Abraham by Ted Pearce

Sons of Abraham (intro) Am / C / G / Am twice   Am       CG Am Am                  C       G (sus) Hear O Jerusalem, sons of Abraham, it's for the hope of Israel I sing Dm                                  Am G You're sent to be a light unto the nations of the world F G       Em  G   Am Chosen as a witness of the King AmC G Am      Am       C       G (sus) Shma Yisrael Adonai echad, my heart is heavy for you now Dm  Am G Harken to the voice of Elohim inside your heart F G Em  G   Am Seek the Lord while yet He may be found Am Em G Am Em G Am The mighty God of Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham Am Em G F G             Am Em G Am Em G Am Em G Am ….end on Em Yeshua's calling you back to your promised land Lai lai lai… Am C G Am Many sons of a stranger have joined unto the land Am C G ( sus) And nations you knew not have run to thee Dm Am G F G Em G Am To seek the Holy One of Israel, yet having eyes you do not see Dm Am Dm Am Em Who has believed our report? … While He is near I pray you'd call upon the Lord Dm Am Em Ha Moshiach is r eturning to the land F G Em Am Em G Am Em G Am Em G Am Em My heart is heavy for you, sons of Abraham Lai lai lai… Am C G Am Am C G ( sus) Now look upon the One who was pierced, a suffering servant for us all Dm Am G Afflicted for our sins and yet no guile was in His mouth F G Em G Am And by His stripes we all are healed....