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Be Still by Greg Silverman

Be Still Debbie Chernoff G Em I come before Your Holy throne, D C I come to hear Your voice alone. Em D Speak, my Lord, I’m listening now, Am C I’m on my knees, I wait, I bow... Em C Be still, my soul, be still and know, G D He is God Em D Be still, my soul, be still and know, C Am (C Am G) Hallelujah (chorus twice) I run into this secret place For it is here that I am safe. In Your shadow I abide, my stronghold and my place to hide... All who’ve ears to hear, now hear: I come to God and He draws near. He places healing in my soul and makes the Living Waters flow... A crown of thorns upon Your head, You wore for me, for me You bled; then rose again, rose from the dead, Hallelujah!