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Ana Adonai by Joy Greig

Ana Adonai Joy Greig ©2003 Galilee of the Nations Music CCLI# 4338567 Intro: Dm / Bb / C / Am / Dm / Bb / C / Am Arrangement: A A B A A B ( Instru A) B(ad lib) A A ( Instru A- ritard) Dm Bb A-na A-don- ai, ho-she-a-na! C Am A-na A-don- ai, hats-li-cha na! Dm Bb C Am (Dm) A-na A-don- ai, ha-er pan-ay-cha! Bridge Dm F Gm A Dm F Ba-ruch ha- ba be-Shem A-don- ai ad lib: Blessed is He Dm F Gm A Gm A (Dm) Me-bet El-o-him a-va-rech et s Who comes in the Name of the (Lord) Dm F Gm A (Dm) F Pit-chu li sha-ray tse-dek (We) bless Your Name Dm Bb Gm A Bam o-deh From the house of the Lord C Am A-na A-don- ai Chorus Bridge Chorus Translation: O Lord, please save us! O Lord, please rescue us! O Lord, make Your face to shine upon us! Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord! We bless You from the house of the Lord. I will bless Your Name, Open to me the gat es of righteousness, I will enter them, and thank the Lord. O Lord, please save us! Psalm 118:19, 25-26