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Ezo Min Ahavah Zot by Judah Morrison

Ezo Min Ahavah Zot? (What kind of love is this?) by Judah Morrison F#m F#m D E (4x) F#m E D E E-zo min a-ha-vah- zot She ma-ta-ta a-vu-ri? What Kind of love is this that You would die for me? F#m E La-tslav ha-lach-ta Ke-seh ta-mim As a living Sacrifice Your death gave life to me D E Le-tet li chai-im F#m E D E E-zo min a-ha-vah-zot She ra-chatz-ta et rag-lai? What kind of love is this that You would wash my feet? F#m E D E Na-ta-ta et chai-yay-cha Ve-la-kach-ta et chat-ta-yai (2x) You gave away Your life and washed away my sins Chorus A E F#m D Lo- ha-ma-vet ve’lo ha-chai-yim Lo mal-a-chim ve’lo sha-li-tim Neither death nor life nor angels, or principalities A E Lo ha-go-vah v e’lo oma-kim, Neither height nor depth nor powers F#m D Lo hay-a-var v e’lo he-a-tid, nor any other thing (chorus in Hebrew) E Yu-ch-lu le-haf-rid o-ti (Me-a-ha-vat Elohim – last time F#m E D2 ) Verse (English) Chorus (English) Chorus F#m F#m D E (4x) F#m D E What kind of love is this? Yeshua (4x) Back to top – once through John 13:2, 15:13, Romans 8:38-39