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Comfort Ye My People by Lamb

Comfort Ye My People 3rd fret X02200 X02000 Csus2 C9(no 3rd) C F G C b Am No more will you turn to another for help F C G Nor will you turn to yourself, to yourself C F G C b Am Nor will you say, "My God" to some other F G For in Me you'll find mercy, C F G C b Am I will heal your wrong ways, I will love you so freely F G Gsus4 G You will dwell beneath my shadow C F G C b Am I will be as the dew to my people F G Gsus4 G And they will blossom as the lilly, C F G C b Am Your beauty will be like the olive tree F C G Your fragrance as Lebanon, Lebanon C F G C b Am You will live as a well watered garden F G And you will flourish like the vine, Csus2 C9(no 3rd) Comfort Ye My People C Gm Comfort Ye My People (Alternate ending:) C G F Comfort ye my people