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HaTishkach by Lamb

HaTishkach Isaiah 49:15-17 Joel Chernoff Em Am HaTishkach ishah ulah Em Bm Em M’rachem ben bitnah gam Em Am Eleh tishkachnah Em Bm Em V’anochi lo eshkacheich Am C Em C B7 Em H en al kapay im haKotich Am C Em B7 Chomotayich negadi tamid Em Am Can a woman forget her nursing child C B7 Em Or fail to have compassion upon him Em Am She may forget but lo, will I not C B7 Em Yisrael you are always before me Am C Em Am Behold I have engraved My people C D Em On the palms of My hands Am C Em Am B7 Your walls are always before Me, Yisrael How can I forget? Em Am Thus saith the Lord, if the sun that lights the day C B7 Em Or the moon and stars that light the evening sky Em Am If these laws I forget or before Me no more be C B7 Em Only then will I forget you, Yisrael [Ending] Em Am C B7 Em Tamid