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Many Will See It by Lamb

Many Will See It Capo:3 “G” G D C G I waited, and I waited upon you Lord, Em Bm Am7 D C D And you bent over me, and heard my cry. G D C G You brought me up from a dangerous pit - from a deep and miry clay Em Bm Am7 D C D And you set my feet on rock, to steady my way. [Chorus 2x] G D Many will see it C G Many will see it C D G Many will see, and trust the Lord C D (1st time only) Sing it over (end song: C D G) [Verse 2] G D Blessed is the man who enjoys the Lord, C G Who makes the Lord his trust Em Bm Am7 D C D And does not turn to strange and lying ways G D C G For I know oh Lord, you will never withhold your sweet mercies from me, Em Bm Am7 D C D For your loving-kindness will always preserve me. [Bridge] Em Bm Lord you know my sins overtake me, C G And evils without number surround, whoa whoa Em Bm And though I am poor and needy, C C m Lord you think of me, put a new song in my heart, Em D You delivered me and…