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I Wait On You by Mitchell Patrick Fincell

E C#m A2 B I draw near so that I may hear The voice of my loving Father E C#m A2 B I am still so that I may be filled With the Spirit of the living God (V1) E C#m A2 B I bow down to cast my crown At the feet of the Living Savior E C#m A2 B I come before Your Holy Throne To gain Your love and favor ____________________________________________________________________________________ E C#m A2 F#m Here I am (echo)/ I wait on You (echo)/ Fill me now (echo)/ With all of You (echo) ( C ) E C#m A2 F#m I praise You now (echo)/ Tired and weak (echo)/ As I wait (echo)/ Lord speak to me (echo) E A2 F#m B I wait on You (Repeat X4) E C#m A2 B I seek Your face and by Your grace I enter into Your presence E C#m A2 B I dare not speak I bend my knee And bow before You in silence (V 2) E C#m A2 B I feel Your touch and know Your love I can feel it all around me E C#m A2 B I worship You in spirit and truth I wait on You and You only