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Roni by Paul Wilbur

Roni, Roni, Bat Zion E7 Am G Dm6 Roni, Roni, Bat Zion, Hariu Yisrael E7 Am F Simchi V’altsi, B’chol Lev E7 Am Dm Am Bat Yerushalayim. E7 Am G Rejoice, Rejoice, Daughter of Zion Dm6 Shout aloud Israel. E7 Am F Sing rejoice with all your heart, E7 Am Dm Am O Jerusalem. Dm E7 For the Lord has taken your punishment, Dm E7 Am Destroyed your enemies, King of Israel, G Fmaj7 Dm6 Lord of all is He, In the midst of us, He is mighty. Dm E7 For the Lord your G-d, In the midst of you, Dm E7 Am Mighty is His Name, rejoicing over you, G Fmaj7 The songs of gladness, singing joyfully, Dm6 He will save us!