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Bright and Morning Star by Greg Silverman

Bright & Morning Star by Debbie Chernoff A D A E Chorus: Yeshua, Bright & Morning Star A D E You are my guiding light A D E Fm A cloud by day, a pillar of fire D E A To lead me through the night D A Verse 1: Lord, what can I do for you? D A E I ask, I pray, to know Your way D A E The path of righteousness I’ll take D A D E The path of life for Your name’s sake. Verse 2: Lord, what can I do for You? My deeds of love are far too few The path of righteousness I seek Yeshua’s ways, humble & meek. E D A Bridge: O Lord, my God, my Holy One E D A My Rock, are You not from everlasting E D Fm You Lord, are in Your Holy place E D A Let all the earth bow down.