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Get More of God by Greg Silverman

Get More of God Debbie Chernoff VERSE 1 Bm G I’ve got to get more of God, Got to get more of God D E F# Got to get more of God... in my life; Bm G I’m not satisfied in this place anymore; D E F# I’ve got to get more of God; Lord I’m asking for... CHORUS G F# G F# Your Spirit to fill me; Your Glory to thrill me; G F# Your words to instill in me... Bm G D E F# Your heart, Your ways, Your thoughts, Your praise (2x) VERSE 2 Bm G Adonai Echad, Adonai Echad, D You’re the One True God E F# You gave me life, Bm G By Your sacrifice, life eternally; D E F# I need more of You, You want more of me... BRIDGE G F# Spirit take me, Take me higher Bm E Lord You are my heart’s desire G D F#7 I want, I need, I intercede, for more of You