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Just to Hear You by Greg Silverman

Just to Hear You (Prov. 8) Debbie Chernoff B Abm Counsel is Mine; sound wisdom is Mine; F# E I am understanding and power is Mine. B Abm By Me kings reign and rulers decree F# E justice; I lead them to rule righteously. Abm I love those who love Me; B Those who diligently E B F# Seek Me will find Me with all of their hearts; E Abm Riches and honor and righteousness follow B E F#sus F# And My fruit is better than gold… Chorus: E F#sus F# Lord to hear You is my great delight; E Abm F# I have found You and I have found life; E F#m F# May Your voice call my name in the night; E F#sus F# Lord to hear You – Lord just to hear You (2X) …..( say) Bridge: Abm F# And though mountains may fall in the midst of the sea- E F # Though nations may roar, there is no fear in me. Abm F# For our God is with us – Now make Your voice heard – Abm F# E F# And tremble all the earth!