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King of the Nations by Greg Silverman

King of the Nations by Debbie Chernoff Verse: Am C Who would not fear You, oh King of the nations for D E This is your rightful due; Am C Among all the wise men in all of their kingdoms Dm F E There is none like You; Am C The Portion of Jacob is not like the idols of D E silver and wood, all made by men’s hands; Am C Dm E But He is the maker of all things, all people, of all heaven’s host, seas and lands… Chorus: Am F C D So let the wise man not glory in his wisdom Am F C G Let the mighty not glory in his might Am F C D Let the rich man not glory in his riches F Am G Am C G But let him glory in that You are God F Am G Am F Am G And let him glory in Messiah’s love F Am F Esus E For in this God delights; for in this my God delights… Bridge: F G G/B F F/D Esus E Not to us be any glory, oh Father, but unto You only be glory and honor! (2X)