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O Deliverer by Greg Silverman

O Deliverer Debbie Chernoff VERSE 1 Gm Cm D Oh Deliverer, won’t you come forth from Zion Gm Cm D Remove ungodliness from Jacob’s heart Gm Eb D A New Covenant You have made with Yisrael Gm Cm D Through the Son of God, a new start! CHORUS Cm Gm Cm Gm Oh the depth of the riches, of the wisdom and the knowledge; Eb Bb F Oh the depth of the riches of God; Cm Gm Cm Gm For from Him and through Him are all things and to Him Eb Cm D Be glory forever, Amen… VERSE 2 How unsearchable, Oh Lord, are your judgments Beyond understanding are Your ways Bringing forth the fullness of all of the nations So all Israel will be saved! CHORUS BRIDGE Eb Cm And You will be our sanctuary Gm F And You we will regard as holy Eb Gm And You will be our sanctuary Eb F Eb And You we will fear…