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Press On by Greg Silverman

Press On Debbie Chernoff INTRO C Eb Bb F VERSE C Bb I’m fully known, yet fully loved; C Bb I am made worthy by His blood C Bb To receive power; to be a blessing on this C Bb earth. C Bb To be a blessing, fully pressing C Bb into God, my lips expressing C Bb all His power and His salvation C Bb and His love. CHORUS C Eb Bb F I will press on, press on to know C Eb Bb F The love of God, that is my goal. Give me good C Eb Bb F C Eb Bb eyes, I want the prize, The upward call. F C Eb Bb I will press on, press on to know F C Eb Bb My God His love, the way he’s shown F C Eb Bb I’ll run the race with power and grace F C Eb Bb F C I will not fall... Don’t let me fall BRIDGE C Gm Yeshua, Lord, You are my Lord Dm C Bb I will lay down all earthly crowns C Gm Forget the past for that which lasts Dm C Bb I will press on, Yeshua...