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Psalm 63 by Greg Silverman

Psalm 63 Debbie Chernoff VERSE 1 Bmin A G/E G Oh God You are my God, I earnestly seek You; My soul thirsts for You, God; My body longs too, God; From a parched and weary place, I long to see Your face; G I long for You... CHORUS G A Bmin A I have seen You in Your sanctuary; G A Bmin A I have gazed upon Your power and glory; G A A/F# Bmin/G G Your unfailing love means more to me -- than life itself... Bmin A G/E G Oh, how I praise You (4xs)... VERSE 2 In the night I think of You, of how You have helped me; And now I sing with joy from -- the shelter of Your wings; Hard I follow after You, My God who sees me through; I long for You... BRIDGE G/E G D/B Satistfy me; satisfy me in my soul; A/B G/E I lift up my hands to praise You, G G/E Lord I long for You, G for You...