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Roar from Zion by Greg Silverman

Roar from Zion from Hosea, Joel, and Amos by Debbie Chernoff VERSE 1 Bm A The valley of decision, choose this day whom you will serve Bm A The Lord will roar from Zion, all nations hear His Word Bm G A The Lord will be a refuge, for His people Israel Bm E F#sus -- F# The Lord will dwell in Zion, upon His holy hill Bm A A fountain has been opened, in the Valley of Shittim* Bm A Children of the Living God, no longer Lo-Ami [not my people?] Bm G A Jerusalem will be holy, her mountains drip new wine Bm E F#sus -- F# In the Valley of Acacias, the Lord will dwell in Zion CHORUS G D A G Bm A (He will) roar from Zion... The day of the Lord is near G D A Bm G A (He will) roar from Zion... Choose whom you will fear G Bm A G A Bm (He will) roar from Zion... His voice is loud and clear VERSE 2 A door of hope has opened, in the Valley of Achor* Children of the God of love, no longer Lo-Ru-Hamah [not mercy?] I will show you love and mercy, I will plant you in the land To praise and love your God above, never be ashamed again Yes, I will show my love, to Lo-Ru-Hamah Re-gathering My people, to the Valley of Bracha For I have called you Judah, and forever you will praise The Lord Who dwells in Zion, all who call on Him are saved BRIDGE Em Bm G A Bm People of Zion hear, your God is drawing near Em Bm G A Land do not be afraid, be glad and sing, Em F#sus -- F# The Lord has done great things... * Shittim = "the acacias" [1. a small tree or shrub belonging to the genus Acacia, of the mimosa family, having clusters of small yellow flowers.] 1. place of Israel's encampment between the co nquest of the transjordanic region and crossing the Jordan into Canaan. 2. a place west of Jerusalem. * Achor = trouble, disturbance. 1. Achor - as the valley of trouble where Achan and his family were stoned.