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The Living Word by Greg Silverman

The Living Word Debbie Chernoff & Greg Silverman Bb Cm7 Bb/G Bb/Eb Bb Cm7 Bb/G Bb/Eb Messengers swift as the wind, servants made of flaming fire; Bb Cm7 Bb/G Bb/Eb Bb Cm7 Bb/G Bb/Eb Angels of God worship Him, The One all nations will desire. Gm Eb Bb F Higher than the angels, He has come to set the captives free. Gm Eb Bb/D Eb F These are spirits sent to serve those whom He’s given li - ber -ty. CHORUS Eb Bb/D For just a little while -- lower than the angels Gm F For just a little while -- You came down to earth. Bb/D Eb Bb/F Gm7 Now enthroned on high -- above all creation. Eb Bb/F Bb Yeshua, you deserve... Eb Bb/D Highest praise -- Holy, holy! Gm F/A Highest praise -- Worthy is the Lamb Bb/D Eb B/F Gm7 Eb B/F Bb Highest praise -- Your mercy endures!