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The Word by Greg Silverman

The Word Debbie Chernoff G Bb C Send out Your light and Your truth; let them lead me G Bb F Oh Spirit of God lead me on level ground. Bb F Dmin C Bb F G A light to my path and a lamp to my feet... is Thy Word. G Bb C God sent forth His Word in power and healed us; G Bb F God sent forth His Spirit in truth and He sealed us; Bb F Dm C Bb F G The source of my hope and the strength of my life... is Thy Word. Chorus G Bb The Word of God heals, The Word of God saves, F G The Word became flesh; He died in my place... F C G Therefore I live, and I walk by faith, In Your Word, In Your Word G Bb Turn Your ear, oh Lord, my rock and refuge; F G Turn and hear, oh Lord, my God of truth... F C G Bb C G My hiding place, when my enemies pursue me, is Thy Word, is Thy Word.