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Turn by Greg Silverman

Turn Debbie Chernoff VERSE 1 C G A mighty storm is rising from the ends of the earth; Am F From nation to nation, God’s tumult can be heard. Am G From His Holy dwelling, He roars against the land Dm Am F To put the wicked to the sword, judgment on all man. C G This is what the Lord Almighty, God of Israel roars: Am F “Repent and turn!” He may relent (as we obey the Lord) Am G of all of this disaster pronounced by God above Dm Am F F G... Who longs to show His mercy, who wait to show His love... CHORUS Am G Turn now this day and live; turn from your ways and live Dm Am F for the Lord, He’ll forgive, turn everyone... Am G Desire of all nations, He’s Israel’s salvation; Dm Am F Turn to the Holy One, turn to the Son... Am G Turn lest His anger burn; Repent you nations, turn! Dm Am F Dm F Am Turn to the Holy One, turn everyone, turn and kiss the Son. Dm F (C G Am F) Turn and kiss the Son; Kiss the Son... BRIDGE G Am F Am G F Heed the shofar warning; a new day is dawning. G F C Am Bb F Children of Israel arise! Youth of all nations, lift up your eyes