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Victory Song by Greg Silverman

Victory Song, Psalm 44, Forever Debbie Chernoff VERSE 1 Dm Bb We have heard -- our fathers have told C Asus A What you did long ago; Dm Bb Nations fell by Your hand C Asus A Giving us our promised land... CHORUS Dm C So in God -- we boast all day long Gm Asus We will sing Your praise forever! Dm C To our God -- we sing this victory song Bb Asus A Dm (Ending: Bb A Bb C Dm) We will sing Your praise VERSE 2 Not by our strength -- not by our might But by Your hand we win the fight! And Your face shines on us Love and grace, so glorious! BRIDGE Dm C Gm Asus A Forever... Forever... Forever... We will sing Your praise