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Lay it Down by Aaron Himango

Lay it Down Capo:3 Verse 1: Am E7 When Yitzchak was promised to Avraham, Avraham was told to kill Dm E7 him, to sacrifice his promise on the altar to Elohim. Verse 2: Am E7 When Yosef was given a dream and a promise, he was thrown into a Dm E7 pit. He was banished to a prison, did Elohim abandon him? Verse 3: Am E7 When Elohim gives you a promise, and it looks like he’ll take it away, Dm E7 how did Avraham and Yosef feel, in all of their dismay? (x2) Chorus: Am Fmaj7 G Am Lay it down, lay it down, lay it down on the altar. ( repeat) Bridge1: F G Am F G Are you ready to make a sacrifice? To give up all that you were Am F G Am Fmaj7 promised? To follow Yahweh and nothing else? Whoa, whoa, whoa… G Fmaj7 G F G Am ………….……… Lay it down, oh lay it down on the altar. Bridge2: F G Am F G Am I am ready to make a sacrifice, to give up all that I was promised. To F G Am follow Yahweh and nothing else. F G Am I’m ready to lay it down, lay it down, etc… on the altar.