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Heal Me by Lamb

D G D G Late in the night while I was just laying on my bed, A D A My thoughts meditate Lord on You - on You. D G D G Then I remember the things You have done, A G D The help in time of trouble and need. F#m G D Oh how my soul follows close behind you, G Em Thy right hand holds me and keeps me from ruin and destruction, D G D G Under the shadow of Thy Wings I sit, A G D And lift up my hands in Your Name. D G A D Heal me O Lord and I'll be healed, D G A D Save me and I'll be save-ed D G A D Put all my tears in your bottle, D G A D For You alone can help me. The days of a man, they resemble the grass, He blossoms like a flower in the field - in the field, Then the wind blows and the bloom disappears, Leaving no trace on the ground. For His love is faithful and rests upon me, And all of those who love in His righteousness, endures forever, He understands all the things that we are, Keeping in mind we are dust.