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Psalm 92, To Play in Honor of Your Name by Unknown Artist

Psalm 92 Capo:3 "F" Play D D Am7 It is good to give thanks to Yahweh D Am7 To play in honor of Your name, my Lord D Am7 I'll shout about Your love in the morning D Am7 D Am7 D Am7 And Your faithfulness all through the night C Em Bm C Sing praise to Yahweh, with lyre and harp Em Bm D You have done so much for me Lord C D G Asus I sing for joy, I sing for joy C Em Bm C How deep are Your thoughts, O Yahweh Em Bm D No one can comprehend them Lord C D G Asus You are Yah Most High, You are Yah Most High C Em Bm C Your oil of gladness, You pour on my head Em Bm D You protect me from my enemies C D G Asus I thank You Yah, I thank You Yah