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Bless the Name Yeshua by Ted Pearce

Bless the Name Yeshua By Ted Pearce Em              Am7       Bm7 Em We worship you O L-rd for You alone are worthy Am7                 D             G    B7 To receive all honor and praise Em          Am7      D Em You are highly exalted, L-rd G-d Almighty Am7            Bm7 Em Sing out O heaven and earth Am7 D B7 Cmaj7 Hallelujah! Bless the name Yeshua Am7 D B7 For He is the name above all names Am7  D B 7 Cmaj7 Hallelujah! Bless the name Yeshua Am7 B7 Em Messiah gave His life in my place Em        Am7         Bm7 Em We thank you O Father for sending Your Son   Am7                       D                  G    B7 Who gave Himself a ransom for our sin Em           Am7         D Em Perfect atonement, a spotless peace offering                 Am7       Bm7               Em+2 You have given us a way to You through Him Em      Am7   Bm7 Em Baruch Atah Adonai Yeshua Am7             D      G  B7 Redeemer of Israel Em    Am7          D Em O Zion awaits the day of Your returning    Am7         Bm7      Em+2 Come to us Immanuel