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Holy Unto You by Joel Chernoff

Holy Unto You Joel Chernoff Capo 3: F play D D A Bm7 G Lord I come to you with a humble heart D A Bm7 G Seeking more of You, wanting less of me, wanting more of You G D A Bm7 G D A From my deepest parts, God of mercy hear; comes an urgent prayer Bm7 G That my heart's desire is to You draw near D A Bm7 G Holy unto You, Holy unto You D A Bm7 G Hear this humble prayer and make me holy unto You D A Bm7 G Kadosh, Kadosh l'cha, Kadosh, Kadosh l'cha, D A Bm7 G Hear this humble prayer make me Kadosh, Kadosh l'cha D A Bm7 G I give myself to You, on the altar lay D A Bm7 G Spirit come and fill so that I can more follow and obey D A Bm7 G Let Your light more shine, in this wounded heart D A Bm7 G Clean and purify so that You can more of Yourself impart