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Behold The Lamb by Ted Pearce

Behold The Lamb Performed by Ted Pearce, authored by Michael Stepakoff and Ted Pearce Bm Em Am D Who has believed our report the arm of the Lord has been revealed Em C D Em By His blood we are delivered a nd by His Spirit we are sealed C D Em C D Em Behold the Lamb of God w ho takes away the sin of the world C D Em C D Behold the Lamb of God, bruised for our rebellion Em C D Em Wounded for our sin a nd by His stripes we are healed C D Em Behold the Lamb of God Bm Em Am D A voice was crying in the wilderness and the Spirit fell like a dove Em C D Em Filling the children with the Father's gifts w e walk in the power of His love Bm Em Am D So lift up your eyes unto the mountain for He comes to save and not to condemn Em C D Em Our help is coming from the highest place, we will see His face in Jerusalem