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Sacrifice Lamb by Joel Chernoff

Sacrifice Lamb Joel Chernoff Dm Gm Bb C Dm Have you ever heard, Messiah has come? Dm Gm Bb C Dm It says in His word to cleanse everyone Dm Gm Bb C Dm Atonement was made iniquity bore Dm Gm Bb C Dm That we can find life in Him evermore CHORUS: Gm C Dm Bb The sacrifice lamb has been slain, His blood on the altar a stain Gm A Bb Dm To wipe away guilt and pain, to bring hope eternal Gm C Dm Bb Salvation has come to the world, God’s only Son to the world Gm A Bb Dm Jesus the one for the world, Yeshua is He Dm Gm Bb C Dm The prophets of old, Speak much of Messiah Dm Gm Bb C Dm His death is foretold the purpose is clear Dm Gm Bb C Dm Isaiah did say twas for an atonement Dm Gm Bb C Dm to give us a way that leads not to death CHORUS Dm Gm Bb C Dm so brothers of mine look not to yourselves Dm Gm Bb C Dm for we are but one we all need His help Dm Gm Bb C Dm We’ve broken the Law but He paid our debt Dm Gm Bb C Dm That we can find life, by Yeshua’s death CHORUS Gm C Dm Bb So final atonement has come, and brought us new hope by God’s Son Gm A Bb Dm If you will believe in your heart, Yeshua you’ll know